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                                                                    Having naming issues? You are not alone.

                                                                    People are trusting us with their finances and TryDave just didn't seem to give me the same confidence as Dave.com

                                                                    challenges: #trust #authority #consistency

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Jason Wilk
                                                                    Co-founder, CEO
                                                                    Company: Dave
                                                                    Domain name: Dave.com

                                                                    I knew it was really bad when I went to TV for the first time in my life and all the anchor could focus on was how bad the name Dapulse was.

                                                                    challenges: #memorability #spelling #trust

                                                                    Source: Monday.com

                                                                    Joel Goldstein
                                                                    Marketing Lead
                                                                    Company: Monday
                                                                    Domain name: Monday.com

                                                                    We understood that many people thought our site was already Punchbowl.com even though at the time it was MyPunchbowl.com.

                                                                    challenges: #confusion #consistency #security

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Matt Douglas
                                                                    Company: PunchBowl
                                                                    Domain name: PunchBowl.com

                                                                    .com domains are the most well-known worldwide and we wanted to be global from the beginning, so there was no option of choosing a .com

                                                                    challenges: #expansion #limiting

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Daniel Sánchez
                                                                    Company: Influencity
                                                                    Domain name: Influencity.com

                                                                    The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness.

                                                                    challenges: #trust #authority

                                                                    Source: PaulGraham.com

                                                                    Paul Graham
                                                                    Entrepreneur, VC, Co-founder
                                                                    Y Combinator

                                                                    We first bought the Teylor.de domain because in the first year we had a sole focus on the German market. Soon after we also bought the .com domain, as we knew our future lies in being an international company.

                                                                    challenges: #expansion #vision #growth

                                                                    Source: SmartBranding.com

                                                                    Patrick St?uble
                                                                    Company: Teylor
                                                                    Domain name: Teylor.com

                                                                    We are a consumer brand, so name recognition matters. We wanted people to take us seriously, and outside of the startup community users still look to “.com” as a sign of trust and credibility.

                                                                    challenges: #trust #credibility #authority

                                                                    Source: SmartBranding.com

                                                                    Joshua W?hle
                                                                    Company: Mindstone
                                                                    Domain name: Mindstone.com

                                                                    Standing out just gets harder when people confuse you with other companies.

                                                                    challenges: #confusion #fragmentation

                                                                    Source: Entrepreneur.com

                                                                    Noah Kagan
                                                                    Company: Sumo
                                                                    Domain name: Sumo.com

                                                                    TreatADog.com was a fine name, but it was long, and not always easy to remember. End-user recall of the name was an issue.

                                                                    challenges: #confusion #memorability

                                                                    Source: MediaOptions.com

                                                                    David Gimes
                                                                    Company: Paw
                                                                    Domain name: Paw.com

                                                                    We launched dropbox basically and all these confused people started going to dropbox.com trying to get to the dropbox beta.

                                                                    challenges: #confusion #fragmentation

                                                                    Source: SmartBranding.com

                                                                    Drew Houston
                                                                    Company: Dropbox
                                                                    Domain name: Dropbox.com

                                                                    Securing the stoggles.com domain was a hugely important step for our business. We’ve had wearstoggles.com, which just doesn’t hold the same brand power.

                                                                    challenges: #trust #authority

                                                                    Source: SmartBranding.com

                                                                    Max Greenberg
                                                                    Company: Stoggles
                                                                    Domain name: Stoggles.com

                                                                    We needed a name that would be understood and easy to remember. It was very important for us to have a simple brand that has the ability to be recognized and understood globally.

                                                                    challenges: #simplicity #expansion #memorability

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Gregory R. Lettieri
                                                                    Company: Recycle Track Systems
                                                                    Domain name: RTS.com

                                                                    (Our) original domain name is not easy to understand for players from countries other than China. Therefore, we found it necessary to adjust it.

                                                                    challenges: #growth #expansion #confusion

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Company: 37Games
                                                                    Domain name: 37.com

                                                                    We saw our customers confusing us with some of the other companies in the industry, and wanted to remedy that issue. Our service is so different and unique in comparison with the competition that these confusions might cost us a lot of opportunities.

                                                                    challenges: #confusion #authenticity #competition

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Oliver Dlouhy
                                                                    Company: Kiwi
                                                                    Domain name: Kiwi.com

                                                                    Our domain name was initially CHILI.tv but we changed to CHILI.com in order to become more international and to emphasize our presence on all devices.

                                                                    challenges: #confusion #limiting #vision #expansion

                                                                    Source: SmartBranding.com

                                                                    Giorgio Tacchia
                                                                    Company: CHILI
                                                                    Domain name: CHILI.com

                                                                    (The entire team's) main concern is the length of TuftandNeedle.com along with its difficulty to type. At thirteen characters and consisting of three words, their concerns were well founded.

                                                                    challenges: #simplicity #confusion #spelling

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Tuft & Needle
                                                                    PR Department
                                                                    Company: Tuft & Needle
                                                                    Domain name: TN.com

                                                                    As we continued to gain traction in the pet space, I realized that having “dog” in our name was potentially limiting us to dog products, but the pet space (and my aspirations) were much bigger than just dogs.

                                                                    challenges: #limitations #vision #growth

                                                                    Source: MediaOptions.com

                                                                    David Gimes
                                                                    Company: Paw
                                                                    Domain name: Paw.com

                                                                    DoorBot was an awesome name but not a name that you can build a long lasting meaningful business around.

                                                                    challenges: #growth #expansion #vision #authority #trust

                                                                    Source: Namepros

                                                                    Jamie Siminoff
                                                                    Company: Ring
                                                                    Domain name: Ring.com

                                                                    .com is by far the most identified top-level domain in the world and having that is good in helping to avoid having people ending up somewhere else when they are looking for your company.

                                                                    challenges: #confusion #trust #vision

                                                                    Source: SmartBranding.com

                                                                    Thejo Kote
                                                                    Founder, CEO
                                                                    Company: Airbase
                                                                    Domain name: Airbase.com

                                                                    While Flipdish(.com) was taken, both Flipdish(.ie) and Flipdish(.co.uk) were available. We ran with these for a while but as soon as we started thinking internationally, we had a problem.

                                                                    challenges: #expansion #memorability #trust #authority #consistency

                                                                    Source: MU Interview

                                                                    Conor McCarthy
                                                                    Company: Flipdish
                                                                    Domain name: Flipdish.com

                                                                    While they would often find their way to .net, it was a poor experience and lowered the value of the company in the eyes of our biggest prospects.

                                                                    challenges: #trust #authority #image

                                                                    Source: NamePros

                                                                    Jacob Smith
                                                                    Company: Packet
                                                                    Domain name: Packet.com

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                                                                    Hi, my name is Tatiana. I have over 17 years of experience working with businesses on their brand and web presence. I know first hand the limitations and issues a business can suffer from when operating on an inferior domain name.

                                                                    This is why I focus on matching unique digital assets with great companies. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building exceptional brands. Having the right domain name is an intrinsic part of that journey.

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                                                                    “Companies pay too much attention to the cost of doing something. They should worry more about the cost of not doing it."

                                                                    Philip Kotler
                                                                    Author, Marketing Professor, Economist and Consultant, Founder of World Marketing Summit

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                                                                    It has now been six months and the numbers are in! 40% increase in direct traffic, then shortly after the number is 70%. Repeat customers have grown well over 200%. Who would have thought? Increased trust, word of mouth, no traffic leaks, an important immunity against another brand who may grab the domain, better SEO and more effective marketing campaigns. You didn't even realize you were missing on all of those before.

                                                                    It's been a year now. You sit back and reflect, you've spent three months and a small fortune to acquire m.wegocmf.com, and looking back you conclude, it was the best investment you have ever made.

                                                                    I hope you enjoyed the journey. While the story is fictional, it is based on real people and real events, all of which are listed below.

                                                                    About 70% of traffic comes from the domain directly – we don’t have to purchase the keywords as much any longer. The domain name is pretty valuable in and of itself.

                                                                    Tor Sweeney, Dresses.com
                                                                    Overall, the reaction and feedback from all stakeholders has been very positive; it is simple and easy-to- remember, reflects our brand values and proposition very well.

                                                                    Team at Invest.com
                                                                    We saw a big growth with our repeat customers. We had an average return of repeat customers of over 200% from where it originally was and that was definitely attributable to the brand. When you are Pacific Pillows, you can stumble across a bunch of pillow sites, but when you are Pillows.com, its pretty clear that there is only one Pillows.com

                                                                    Craig Clark, Pillows.com
                                                                    We were spending around $10,000 per month on Google AdWords and other pay-per-click services, which wasn’t really a great investment. As soon as we acquired the domain name, we saw a significant increase in focused traffic, apparently from direct visitors.

                                                                    Ben Carmitchel, CEO of DataRecovery.com
                                                                    Do you know how many companies have “Sumo” in their name? It’s a lot. You wouldn’t believe how many times someone has come up to me and said, “Oh, are you also like (completely unrelated to us) sumo?”. That’s why we went right to the source. There are many copycat Sumo names in the market but by owning Sumo.com we’re positioned as the original. We are the Sumo.com.

                                                                    Noah Kagan, Sumo.com
                                                                    My mobile was ringing for three days. We’ve got a huge number of calls from people sitting in and out of our business, my mailbox was full of messages and congrats. Our marketing team received many emails from our clients saying we’ve made something huge. We expected people will react somehow but no one thought it gonna be so positive and massive.

                                                                    Greg Warzecha, User.com
                                                                    Acquiring the aura.com domain is an investment in the Aura brand as we grow our business and build the best all-in-one digital protection platform for consumers.

                                                                    Lark-Marie Anton, Brand Officer, Aura.com
                                                                    Having the right domain is very important, and having a short, unique name that resolves in a .com has been super helpful versus, I don’t know, modern-dresses-best-shop.com or something.

                                                                    Elena Silenok,CEO of Clothia.com
                                                                    Switching to Paw.com has had a tremendously positive impact on our company. First of all, as mentioned before, we no longer are limited to dog products. As “Paw.com” we have the opportunity to build a major pet industry brand, across a wide range of pets and products.

                                                                    David Gimes, Founder of Paw.com
                                                                    We want to reflect on the fact that we are so much more than a studio or just a tool to draw together, we're an inspiring platform where creatives meet, ideas are born, and amazing communities are created.

                                                                    Team at Magma.com
                                                                    Having a strong keyword .com domain name brings a lot of inherent value, such as trust and a sense of being well-established, recognizable and not to mention web-based.

                                                                    Rolf Larsen, CEO of Desktop.com
                                                                    As the founder of the branded payment platform Recharge.com (500 million annual revenue), I know how to launch a worldwide fintech platform and how important it is to have a good domain name that is easy to remember.

                                                                    Robin Weesie, Exclusive.com
                                                                    Beyond just the benefits of properly aligning our brand with the .com name, we knew that owning this domain would illustrate to future customers that we’re here to stay for the long haul.

                                                                    Steli Efti, CEO of Close.com
                                                                    We saw a 40% increase in traffic immediately after securing our preferred domain.

                                                                    John Furneaux, Hive.com
                                                                    Since Yought was a unique name, buying the .com was straightforward and was one reason we wanted to go with something unique. As a marketer, I understood having a .com presence would be beneficial in the long run, especially as a SaaS product.

                                                                    Richard Liu, Founder of Yought.com
                                                                    There’s a sense of trust and authority that comes with a great name like Paw.com, and that seems to give a positive boost to just about everything.

                                                                    David Gimes,Founder of Paw.com
                                                                    After acquiring user.com we noted 300% increase in traffic.

                                                                    Tomasz Sawicki, CMO User.com
                                                                    You will lose all word of mouth marketing if you don’t have a good name. Most people choose their name because the domain is available. That’s a really bad idea. I spent 3 months and $182,000 negotiating for Mint.com, and it was the best purchase I ever made.

                                                                    Aaron Patzer, Mint.com
                                                                    This is the company’s most significant evolution in a nearly 50-year history of serving the rental industry. This is much more than a name change. It is the outward signal of our evolution from an advertising company to a technology and software driven company.

                                                                    Jon Ziglar, CEO, Rent.com
                                                                    We saw our conversion rate dramatically jump when we rebranded from usefedora.com to teachable.com.

                                                                    Ankur Nagpal, Founder, Teachable.com
                                                                    Operating through stoggles.com helps us to reach more people and follow our purpose of inspiring the importance of everyday eye protection through innovative and seamless design.

                                                                    Max Greenberg - CEO - Stoggles.com
                                                                    I am pleased to have completed the acquisition of the Chill.com domain name. We are the proud owners of a highly brandable, premium domain asset reflective of a word that is pervasive in the everyday lives of consumers and is easy to say, spell, and remember.

                                                                    Callum Sommerton, CEO Chill.com
                                                                    After a few years of effort, we landed our dream web address of Ahead.com, replacing ThinkAhead.com. Our name finally matches our domain!

                                                                    Team at Ahead.com
                                                                    Our plan is to build a strong, memorable brand. Cal.com is the kind of domain/brand name that achieves exactly that.

                                                                    Bailey Pumfleet, Co-Founder Cal.com
                                                                    Fleksy.com acts as a primary touch point between us and potential customers, our website is a representation of who we are and what Fleksy is all about.

                                                                    Olivier Plante, CEO Fleksy.com
                                                                    It was important to us to have a brand name that consumers could get to easily without having to come up with some clever derivative or other domain that’s close, but not really. Autonomy.com we think obviously handles that.

                                                                    Scott Painter, Founder and CEO at Autonomy.com
                                                                    Now that we’ve reached a level of maturity and stability in the CRM space, we decided it was finally time to invest in acquiring the .com domain—in part to reconcile that disconnect between calling ourselves Close internally and “Close-dot-I-O” externally.

                                                                    Steli Efti - CEO - Close.com
                                                                    We have seen better overall conversions and lower drop-off rates on our campaigns. For us, an important factor is that having a premium domain provides better access to big lead buyers and leading advertisers as well due to, again, the trust factor.

                                                                    Frans van Hulle, PX.com
                                                                    As a new brand, we think a ".com" domain gives us a boost in trust from a consumer who may not have heard a lot about Perch yet.

                                                                    Phil DeGisi- Co-Founder at Perch.com
                                                                    If we didn’t own RTS.com we probably would have changed the company's name. It was very important for us to have a simple brand that has the ability to be recognized and understood globally.

                                                                    Greg Lettieri, CEO Recycle Track Systems
                                                                    We knew that our current marketing system would work exceptionally well with a domain as strong as BookKeeping.com. The purchase price has nearly been recouped in annualized revenues just two months from launch.

                                                                    Brandon Littlefield, BookKeeping.com
                                                                    We grow through word-of-mouth, through people tweeting about us and talking about us, so the address matters.

                                                                    Tim Campos, CEO Woven.com
                                                                    Back in the day people used to abbreviate Drukwerkdeal.nl to Drukwerk.nl. Annoying! That won’t happen with this domain name!

                                                                    Marco Aarnink, Founder Print.com
                                                                    When selecting a domain name, I would tell any founder to think hard about the long term in the beginning. While there may be more upfront effort and financial investment, getting it right the first time will save you serious stress and headaches down the road.

                                                                    Scott Painter, Founder, Fair.com
                                                                    You will lose all word of mouth marketing if you don’t have a good name. Most people choose their name because the domain is available. That’s a really bad idea. I spent 3 months and $182,000 negotiating for Mint.com, and it was the best purchase I ever made.

                                                                    Aaron Patzer, Mint.com
                                                                    My mobile was ringing for three days. We’ve got a huge number of calls from people sitting in and out of our business, my mailbox was full of messages and congrats. Our marketing team received many emails from our clients saying we’ve made something huge. We expected people will react somehow but no one thought it gonna be so positive and massive.

                                                                    TGreg Warzecha, User.com

                                                                    What is your vision for m.wegocmf.com?

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                                                                    When it comes to domain names, we understand you have options. You can register a new domain name, add a word or a hyphen, or get a local domain extension. As a matter of fact, if you are just testing an idea, if your products or services are limited to a local market, or if you're creating a non profit or a hobby project, we would advise you to do just that.

                                                                    If however you determine that the domain m.wegocmf.com has the potential to uplift your brand and that you have the infrastructure and vision to extract the maximum value from such a strategic investment, we want to help and are looking forward to hearing from you.

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